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کمپرسور هوا

رنج وسیعی از کمپرسورهای هوای مورد اطمینان، باصرفه انرژی و با هزینه های پایین برای مصارف با فشارهای بالا و پایین

تماس با متخصص

 رنج کامل 

رنج کامل کمپرسورهای اویل فری و اویل اینجکت

وسیع ترین رنج از نظر نوع کمپرسور

همه انواع کمپرسور شامل پیستونی، اسکرول، اسکرو، توث و یا سانتریفیوژ

بهترین راه حل هر نوع مصرف

بالاترین درجه اطمینان، پایین ترین مصرف انرژی و کمترین هزینه

Make our compressor experience work for you

With Atlas Copco you know you are buying the latest state of the art technology, which brings you most reliable and energy efficient products designed to lower your product costs and increase your profitability. We have been a leader in the design and manufacture of air and gas compressors for over 100 hundred years. We have led the development and advancement of

oil-free Class 0 compressors
variable speed drive (VSD) technology
advanced control systems like Elektronikon and Smartlink
air dryers
condensate separators
energy recovery units

Keeping your compressor application future-proof

Working with us, means working with:

we continue to innovate and improve the efficiency of our air compressors to help you maintain sustainable productivity
Optimized service
our compressors are designed to run for extended periods without service. Combined with our extensive aftermarket product portfolio, we maximize the availability and reliability for your compressed air equipment. Supported by trained local service technicians and a highly advanced global logistics system
Certified quality
OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO14001 for all our compressors ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 for our oil-free air compressors